Owner Information & Fee Schedule

Owner FAQs

  • Thorough Market Analysis of Lease Rate
  • Advertisement and Marketing of Property
  • Show Property to Tenants
  • Detailed Applicant Screening
  • Lease Preparation & Lease Signing
  • Move-In Check List
  • Digitize all documents
  • Collect Rent via Online Bill Pay
  • Direct Deposit into Owners accounts
  • Respond to Maintenance requests
  • Hire contractors on behalf of the owner
  • Move-Out Walk through
  • Photo-Document Condition/Damages
  • Release Security Deposit less expenses
  • Interview and Evaluation
  • Sign Contract, Pay Retainer Fee
  • Property Inspection
  • Recommend Deferred Maintenance and Repairs if needed
  • Change Insurance and Utilities if needed
  • Begin Advertising and Showing
  • Tenant Screening
  • Setup Direct Deposit
  • Setup Tenant with Online Pay
  • Collect Rent
  • Sit back and relax!!!

We advertise and market your property to the largest pool of potential renters by utilizing proven methods such as: signage, the multiple listing service, and the Divine Properties website with built-in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) capabilities, as well as new technology platforms.  We subscribe to Propertyware, a web-based property management program which allows us to advertise your property and is syndicated to multiple proven real estate/rental related websites.  Additionally, we field phone calls, hold open houses and meet potential renters at a convenient time of their choosing.

Placing the right residents in the right property is a vitally important process that requires experience and knowledge. Residents must pass a detailed screening process designed to reduce the risk of non-payment or damage to your investment. Divine Properties screening process includes:

  • Our credit reporting system is one of the most comprehensive credit reporting and tenant selection services available, which includes:
    • Credit check including bankruptcies, evictions, bad check history, etc.
    • Verification of background
    • Employment history and verification
    • Analysis of an applicants ability to pay which weighs their debt to income

Once we place a resident in your property, we work with each resident in a business relationship. We treat them fairly, and with clear expectations. Our experience with all types of renters enables us to retain them and minimize problems. We practice:

  • Swift and effective rent collection procedures, up to and including necessary legal action
  • Maintenance issues addressed within 24 hours
  • Quick notification and follow-up to correct any violations
  • Expedient handling of complaints and inquiries from residents
  • We are trained on California Landlord & Tenant and Federal Fair Housing Laws

We provide annual interior & exterior inspections of every home we manage. During this process we check to make sure that the residents are abiding by the lease and that there are no threats to the value of the property or safety.  We also subscribe to an innovative inspections module that allows us to create a detailed report of the inspection in minutes and email directly to the owner.

Each client receives detailed, accurate Month End and Year End Financial Statements. We maintain detailed records of all property transactions and correspondence.

We also have licensed Real Estate Agents who can assist you in the purchase or sale of residential, investment or commercial properties.

Get a Quote in hand within 24 Hours: 

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Thank you for considering Divine Properties for your real estate needs.  
We are here not just to manage your investment, but to walk with you on your journey!   
– Kandi & Adam

Owner Fee Schedule

Value and Quality

We offer turn key services for property owners and landlords which means we take care of everything from placing tenants, dealing with maintenance and holding security deposits.

One HALF of one months rent (with a mininum of $500) Placement Fee includes advertising, showing, tenant screening, lease signing and move-in process which includes SEVERAL photos of the interior/exterior of the property prior to the tenant taking possession.

10% of Monthly Rent includes managing the property from collecting rent to handling maintenance and holding security deposits.

A LA CARTE SERVICES (Payment due in advance)

  • Showing Property – $55.00 per hour
  • Credit Check / Application Screening – $35.00 per applicant over the age of 18
  • Drafting of Rental Agreements – $450.00
  • Move In Inspections w/Digital Photos – $250.00 (unfurnished)  $300.00 (furnished)
  • Annual Property Inspections – $200.00
  • Move Out Inspections – $350.00
  • Drafting & Issuance of Notices – $75.00
  • Handling of Maintenance Issues – $55.00 per hour
  • Property Restoration (contracting out the services needed to bring a property into rentable and/or sellable condition) – $55.00 per hour